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Gmail with AMP- Is it Capable of Redefining Your Emailing Experience?

Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP will soon be made available on Gmail. The popular narrative herein is that this new feature will make emails much more engaging and interactive. Google is more likely envisioning the feature to be beneficial for the end- users, as it allows the developers to embed widgets in emails, which are then constantly updated to incorporate actionable functions that work.

Well, for the beginners, the whole AMP thing is a bit confusing. It is a technology that was originally intended to boost the speed of websites, by cutting down the unnecessary clutter. As far as AMP support in Gmail is concerned, you will now get an opportunity to send messages that are actionable and informative, as well.

What AMP Support in Gmail Means?

To start with, the integration of AMP support in Gmail changes the entire dynamics.

For instance, it becomes radically easy to complete simple tasks such as booking a calendar appointment or marking down any upcoming event or fill out forms and even the ability to browse and interact with content. The good thing that really stands out is you don’t really have to click on any link or visit another website.

The AMP technology, ever since its inception has undergone a lot of changes. In the initial stages, the feature was integrated with Google Ads, which did make them lighter and quicker. The integration of this technology with Gmail is also intended to make emailing faster and a lot more engaging.

AMP for Email will be incorporated into Gmail, later this year. In case, you want to get a developer preview, then you may have to sign-in to the site, so as to experience what AMP for email will eventually look like.


Google is trying to open a new world of possibilities by introducing AMP to email. Businesses and large corporations now have a chance to interact and engage with their core audience. It almost looks like it will break the traditional shackles, by streamlining the procedure of communication.

Since AMP for email is an open source technology, developers too have a platform, which they stand to customize and adapt it, according to their specific need and preference.

There is no question of having any debate when it comes toGmail with AMP. By and large, it will give the developers and the end users with a common platform that has been actively formulated to address their needs and concerns. In a way, the whole new technology move by Google bodes well for Gmail.